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oakley canada outlet For Sale oakley Canada Online Store. Mirrored sunglasses, or "shades," can seem cool -- other than when there's a scratch functioning across one of your lenses. To restore your glimpse, take out the scratch through the mirrored lens. A number of supplies -- but no distinctive skills -- are necessary.

Rinse the mirrored shades in tap drinking water. Dry the lenses which has a dry tender cloth.

Spray glass cleaner over the aspect of your lens which has Oakley Crankcase the scratch. Wipe the glass cleaner off the lens having a dry delicate fabric.

Apply etching compound into the conclude of the cotton swab. Spot the tip of your swab from the remaining aspect of the scratch within the lens. Press down while you slide the swab across the scratch. Take out the swab at the time you get to the finish from the scratch. Get rid of the swab within the trash.

Place the sting of the chamois about the paste which is around the still left aspect with the scratch. Rub the chamois in excess of the scratch in a very circular motion for the oakley canada 50 % minute. Wash the lens off with tap drinking water. Dry the lens with a dry gentle cloth.

Inspect the lens to view when the scratch isn't any for a longer time seen. Repeat your complete treatment should the scratch is still visible.

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