Susan K Williams


The "Write Words" for Your Business

Founded in 2001, Communicate with IMPACT concentrates on helping both large and small businesses succeed. Because of the rapid pace of change in business methods, business strategies, competition, technology, supply and demand issues, and more, the need for strategic, effective communications is vital. 

For more than 25 years, Susan K. Williams has provided Effective Communications services both in the corporate world and private enterprise. She also is a published author and blog writer, and has managed communications projects across the globe. For many years, her communications efforts were focused in the Energy, Petrochem, and O&G industries. She also has provided writing/editing services in the Space industry and in the field of Health care.

Ms. Williams also provides Effective Communications workshops to organizations that wish to improve their ability to communicate.  Communications courses, presentations, and workshops help professionals develop their skills providing positive outcomes for you and your organization.