Jeff Moseley

President and CEO

Greater Houston Partnership

Remarks to

 Breakfast Meeting in Taipei


Good morning – it’s a great morning to be in China!


I am very honored to be your guest in this beautiful city.


Creating a close connection to those with whom we do business has its many risks, but it also has great rewards and incredible consequences.


Our visit to your beautiful city enforces those connections we have made here and we will carry them with us as we work to build our economies both in Taipei and in Houston .


For those of you who may not know about Houston and the Houston region, I would like to share with you some of our great successes.


Let me start with giving you a bit of information about the Greater Houston Partnership.


The Greater Houston Partnership, through its membership, represents the business interests of a ten-county area and promotes the growth of high-paying jobs, international trade and capital investment in the Houston region.


To give you a sense of scale and magnitude - annual sales and other receipts by firms and organizations represented on the Greater Houston Partnership’s board of directors alone, exceeds $1.92 trillion!


Those combined receipts are greater than the Gross Domestic Products of all but six nations and are equivalent to nearly one-fifth of the U.S. GDP.


As many of you may know, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States . The city of Houston itself is larger than the state of Maryland , and the 640 square miles of Houston could contain the cities of New York , Washington , Boston , San Francisco , Seattle , Minneapolis and Miami .


The Houston region is third among U.S. metro areas in the number of corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 companies – twenty-four are headquartered in Houston – ranking us just behind New York City and Chicago . And, we have more than half of the world’s 100 largest non-U.S. based corporations operating in our area.


We are home to 87 consulates supported by 41 foreign commercial offices and 23 foreign chambers of commerce and trade associations. This represents the third-largest number in the United States . More than 90 languages are spoken throughout the Houston region.


The Houston Region boasts unparalleled opportunities for business, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking their fortunes.  Within our borders you will find:


·         The Houston Medical Center – the world’s largest by a wide margin

·         The Johnson Space Center – a breeding ground for new technologies

·         The Energy Industry – Make no mistake about it, Houston remains The Energy Capital      of the World.

·         And now, the Houston Region is leading the way in yet a new industry –Biotechnology.


Much like Taipei – the Houston region has a rich history of Visionary Leadership – a history of people willing to risk huge amounts of capital and established reputations to pursue dreams.


The Houston Region is a center of tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. A spirit “embedded in Houston ’s DNA” as urban historian and futurist, Joel Kotkin recently noted in his new study – Opportunity Urbanism.


As we are planning here how to better our trade relations, we also need a plan to continue on our path toward economic prosperity. In 2005, the Partnership created a 10-year strategic plan with the help of Ray Perryman, a Nobel Prize nominee in economics.


President Bush has called Perryman “one of the world’s leading economists. Perryman is a renowned scholar and is often said to be the “most quoted man in Texas .”


Within that plan is our mission – “we are the primary advocate of Houston 's business community and we are dedicated to building regional economic prosperity.”


This Plan provides the basis for all the Partnership does to promote our region and shape the Houston Region’s destiny. And, it supports a single goal: to build economic prosperity in the Houston region.


Within our Strategic Plan, we created a program to make sure we have the resources and support necessary to convert our goals from possibility to reality.


We took some very large steps and created Opportunity HoustonSM ,an aggressive five-year marketing program that will generate leads for economic development organizations throughout Houston' s 10-county region.


Opportunity HoustonSM is a $40 million fundraising vehicle by which it will help create 600,000 net regional jobs, attract $60 billion in additional capital investment, and increase foreign trade by $120 billion for the greater Houston area.


Opportunity HoustonSM  targets five major economic sectors:


·         Aviation and aerospace,

·         Energy and petrochemical,

·         Medical and biotechnology,

·         Information technology, and

·         Nanotechnology.


In other words, we’re going to do nothing less than make Greater Houston a magnet for global commerce and a place where companies of vision and people of energy, enthusiasm and hard work can come and prosper.


You can see we’re serious about our growth – about the challenges that face us today and about serving as a model to the rest of the country – and the world – that we are the global leader for the 21st century.


We are blazing toward a globalization path. And we are doing that through trade missions like this to every corner of the world.


As you know, China is our nation’s second largest trading partner with a total trade of more than $340 billion last year. And Houston is well positioned to take advantage of the growing relationship with Chinese businesses.


I am optimistic about our relationship today and in the years to come. You have a great entrepreneurial spirit – and that spirit will be right at home working in Houston as well.


We have much to gain in terms of jobs and trade by meeting that growing need for supplies, materials and services. And our visit here has reinforced the commitment that we share as partners in the global economy.


May your city and ours continue on a path of friendship, working toward both economic prosperity and growth.


Thank you

Have a wonderful day



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