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Some people go through life re-acting to the events of daily life. They wait for things to happen and then they react. There are those people, however, who consciously take the reins of their life and become proactive.

Susan is that type of person proactive, enthusiastic about life, compassionate and energetic. Susan is one of those people who will speak to a group of teen-agers and tell them how great their lives can be simply by having faith in themselves. She is a person who can speak to a group of adults and give them words of encouragement that will stay in their minds long after she has left the stage.

And, through her alter ego of Auntie Suzie, she is a consummate storyteller, telling stories to young children entertaining them and letting them know through her stories that they can be, and do, anything they choose.

 Susan speaks with her heart and soul. She has brought audiences to tears or had them laughing in the aisles. Life is about opportunities, challenges and obstacles. How we handle those challenges and obstacles often determines the opportunities that come our way.

Using humor and personal experiences, Susan's passion and energy lifts every audience member, encouraging them to reach for their dreams... why wait for YOUR dream to come true? Call Susan today for your next meeting, conference or event. Let her provide Inspiration with a Kick! to your audience!

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Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known.
~Loris Malaguzzi

Topics Include:

Opportunities Come When You Least Expect Them
Did you know that you had a new opportunity today? Every day, from the moment we wake, through our busy work day till we fall fast asleep ready to dream, there are opportunities waiting to be discovered. Right around the corner they wait, just hoping that someone will see them. Susan will help your audience find those opportunities for success, in fact she might even unlock YOUR opportunity to find your dreams!

Humor - It's in the Genes!
It is said that humor is the best medicine! Well, if you have to take a large dose of "medicine," why not make it one of laughter? Life's lessons can sometimes be difficult, yet with just a bit of laughter, we can turn those lessons into memorable, happy events! Laughter is infectious, when it is shared, it brings people together.. it is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing relationships and supporting physical and emotional health. Let Susan bring that laughter to your group or organization!

Communicating Effectively
Most people think of effective communications as writing a good business letter or a cover letter for a resume. Yet, being an effective communicator can be as simple as smiling! A wink, a grin, a nod of the head can be powerful communication techniques that bring desired results. Of course, we still need to be effective with the written word as well, including personal and business electronic messaging. Let Susan provide your group with ways to help them improve their communication skills!

What have you got to lose?
It's the ninth inning... the game is tied and the last batter has never hit a run before.... should the coach pull him out and send in his best pinch hitter? Or, since this could be your son's little league game, should the little guy walk out to the batter's box, hold his head high and his bat steady, and swing at the ball? What do they really have to lose? Is this the moment he's been waiting for? Is this the moment you've waited for all your life - to go after that dream? To go after that goal, that one thing that has been nagging at you for years? What have you got to lose? Susan can help your group or organization find what it takes to win!

It's an Obstacle Course Out There!
Every day there are obstacles that just seem to take us two steps back for every one step forward. A flat tire on your way to work, your computer crashed just before you finished your important presentation, the kids are home with the flu and you dropped your cell phone in the washing machine! It happens.... everyday there is an obstacle that we must over come... we have to push it out of the way, jump over it, blow it down or just run through it... but we have to keep going. If fighting those daily  obstacles is keeping you from going where you want, living the life you want, let Susan talk to your group about facing and braving those obstructions to your future!

Or - It's Your Choice
Feel free to choose a topic specifically for your audience. Susan will tailor any speech to your needs and those of your organization.

Contact Susan for your speaking event at Speaker@communicatewithimpact.com

Visit Susan's Blog: Susan's Journey Through Life

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