All fees are based on standard average fees charged by freelance writers and speakers throughout the domestic US. Fees are negotiable depending on scope of project and estimated time requirements.

Motivational Speaking - TBD - dependant upon your group, subject, etc.

Speeches (includes research and two edits) 
$250 base fee plus $.65/word

Personal speech coaching - $75 per hour coaching

Full Communication Project (Planning, Content and Implementation)
$3000 - $5000 retainer fee -- $120 per hour

Crisis Communications - starts at $1500

Newsletters (including layout) $75 per hour

Annual Reports $85 per hour

Executive Bios Less than 300 words -- $65
300 -- 900 words -- $90
900 words and above -- $150

Brochures (includes design & content) $65 per hour (min. of three hours)

Articles (Industry & Features) Less than 500 words - $250 base plus $.45/wd
500 and above $200 base plus $.65/wd

Press Releases $65 per hour

Radio/TV Scripting $60 per word -- $100 for concept

Web Content (not including design) $65 per hour

Web Content (including design)
$125 per hour

Editing and Proof Reading $65 per hour

PowerPoint Presentations $75 per hour

Other services as requested


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