John A. Kazour

President and CEO

Petrotech, Inc.

Best Practice Award for Excellence in Industrial Technologies

April 2009


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,


 I am very honored to be here this evening to accept this award on behalf of our entire company.


Since 1978, Petrotech has been known as a company dedicated to supplying its customers with the best products and services in the turbomachinery industry.


Throughout those years, our clients, who ARE the basis for this award, have directly benefited from the Petrotech advantage through lower cost of ownership, reduced emissions, greater efficiency and enhanced reliability.


Our mission for accomplishing those goals is simple: To make our technologies the foremost asset for our clients. We strive to make our processes seamlessly integrate with our clients’ needs and expectations.


Through constant and continued commitment to the development and innovation of products and services, we focus on our core competencies, including that of utilizing best practices and creating a dynamic growth model.


That commitment can be seen through the successful installation of more than 2,000 systems, making us the trusted experts in turbomachinery controls.


Advances in our software development, proven best practices, peer-to-peer networking and depth of experience allowed us to achieve significant double-digit growth during the past three years.


And, our dedication to those core competencies, our commitment to client solutions and our mission will lead us in the global marketplace, as we continue to expand our customer base, improve client satisfaction and significantly grow our business.


Through our comprehensive business practices, our adherence to our corporate values and our commitment to our customers, we will maintain continued growth with deep client and industry focus.


And, this award solidifies that commitment.


On behalf of the dedicated men and women who have made Petrotech an exciting and rewarding place to work, I thank you!


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